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Shapes Worksheets

Click on the Shapes worksheet set you wish to view below.

  1. Area and Perimeter of Triangles, Parallelograms and Trapezoids
  2. Area of Irregular Shapes
  3. Classifying Triangles
  4. Corners of Shapes
  5. Determining Surface Area and Volume of Rectangular Solids
  6. Drawing Transformations
  7. Exploring Similar Figures
  8. Identify and Compare 3D Shapes
  9. Identify Quadrilaterals
  10. Identifying Shapes
  11. Learning Shapes
  12. Patterns with Shapes and Pictures
  13. Proportional Shapes
  14. Recognizing Similar and Congruent Figures
  15. Recognizing Lines of Symmetry
  16. Transformations
  17. Transversals
  18. Two and Three Dimensional Shapes
  19. Which Shape Doesn't Belong

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