Simple Money Word Problems

                    Lesson 1






A notebook costs $10. The customer gave the cashier $20. How much change did the customer get back?



Do the following:       

                                                            Solution                   Read the above problem carefully

Step 1:      


Solution                    Notebook cost = $10

Step 2:                        Customer gave = $20, so, change = 20 10 = $10   


                                                            Solution                    The answer is:  $10

Step 3:                        Write the answer in the space provided.





                                                            Try two practice problems:  

                                                                                                Do the following:


Mark had $100.00. He spent $50 on shopping and $40 on food. How much money did he have now?                                             


 A girl earns $25 a day for her work. How much money did she have at the end of the week? Math Worksheets & Math Lessons