Simplifying Rational-Fractional Expressions

             Lesson 1


                                           Problem:   Simplify in the simplest form (x2+5x+6)/(x2-4)


                                           Solution    First, factorize each of the two polynomial, cancel out the common factor in both

                                           Step 1:                               


                                           Solution    Factors of (x2+5x+6) = (x+2)(x+3);Factors of (x2-4) = (x+2)(x-2)             

                                           Step 2:                                                                             


                                           Solution    (x+2) is common in both cancel it. (x+3)/(x-2) is left out and is answer.

                                           Step 3:        


                                           Solution    Answer: (x+3)/(x-2)                   

                                           Step 4:



                                           Try two practice problems:   


                                                            Simplify in the simplest form                                                                                          















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