Inverse Trig Functions

                    Lesson 1


                                                            Problem:     Find the value of Ɵ in radians considering the principal inverse function: 

                                                                                    Ɵ = arctan(1).



                                                            Solution     The inverse function arctan(x)= tan-1(x)and arctan can be read as             

                                                            Step 1:         “the angle whose tangent is”.                                                                                      


                                                            Solution     According to question it means the angle whose tan is 1.

                                                             Step 2:            tanƟ = 1.                                                                               


                                                            Solution     We know that tan(π/4) = 1. Ɵ =(π/4)or 45°

                                                            Step 3:  


                                                            Solution      Answer: Ɵ =(π/4)or 45°

                                                            Step 4: 



                                                            Try two practice problems:  



In a right triangle, the legs have lengths 3 and 4. Find angle A? 


Find the value of Sin(arc sec(2)










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