Graphs Of Polynomial Equations Of Higher Degree

                     Lesson 1


                                                             Problem:                   Find the number of real roots of this equation:

- 8x3+5x2+4x- 6=0

html intro.jpg

                                                             Solution                    Analyze the graph carefully

                           Step 1:  


                                                                                 Solution                          The intersection points of the graph on the x-axis are the real roots of the equation

 Step 2:                        


                                                            Solution                          There are two roots on the equation

                                                             Step 3: 


 Solution                    The answer is:  two real roots

 Step 4:                                                                      




                                                             Try two practice problems:  





 html A.jpg


 html B.jpg


Number of real roots of this equation:



What are the zeroes of the polynomial function?

p(X)=2x3-4x2+9x- 5=0



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