Exponential Function

                     Lesson 1


                                                            Problem:    Given: f(x)=e10x    Find the value of ln(f(4)).


                                                            Solution     y=e10x                            Set the equation equal to y  

                                                            Step 1:                                                                                                                                                             


                                                            Solution     x=e10y                     Swap the x and y

                                                            Step 2:         


                                                            Solution     y=log10x                 Solve for y by rewriting in log form

Step 3:                                                            


                                                            Solution     y=ln10x                  Log base 10 is called the natural log,ln 10x

Step 4:                                                            


                                                            Solution     y=ln (10(4))             Put the value

Step 5:                                                            


                                                            Solution     y = 40

Step 6:                                                            


                                                            Solution     Answer is : y = 40

Step 7:   



                                                             Try two practice problems:  


                                                                                Solve the following:       



The graph of 5x intersects at?



Find the domain of f(x)= 2x








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