Simplifying And Reducing Algebraic Fractions Worksheet

                    Lesson 1


                                                            Problem:                   Reduce the fraction: 7a2bc/49ab4c3


                                                            Step 1:                    Find a common number that will divide evenly into both 7 and 49 i.e. 7



                                                                                Solution                          7/49 = 1/7

Step 2:                        


                                                                                Solution                           a2bc/ab4c3  = a/b3c2

Step 3:           


                                                            Solution                    The answer is:  a/7b3c2




                                                             Try two practice problems:  


Reduce the fraction:


A. 4a2bc/8a2b2c3






B. x2/x2+3x



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