Conditional Statements And Converses

                    Lesson 1


                                                            Problem:                   Write the sentence as a conditional.       

x - 4 = -12 implies that x = -8

                                                            Solution                    See the sentence carefully

Step 1:  


                                                            Solution                    The conditional is:

Step 2:                        If x-4 = -12, then x= -8


                                                            Solution                    The answer is: If x-4 = -12, then x= -8

 Step 3:                                                                      



                                                                                                                                Write the converse of the conditional statement


If there is a match, then we will go to the stadium.
The converse of the above statement is:
We will go to the stadium, if there is a match 
Try two practice problems:


A. If 5x2 = 500, then x = 10. Identify the hypothesis and conclusion of the conditional statement.
B. If we will go to the carnival, then we will have a fairy ride. Write the converse of the conditional statement.


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