Basic Word Problems

Lesson 1

Note: Remember that before you can solve a word problem you need to decide what the problem is asking you to find.

Problem: On Monday Fred runs 50 rounds of his track. On Tuesday he runs 44 more rounds. How many rounds did Fred run in all?

Solution Read the problem carefully. What is the problem is asking you to find?

Step 1: How many rounds did Fred run?

Do you need to add or subtract?


What do you already know?

50 rounds Monday, 44 rounds Tuesday

Solution Create an equation to solve the problem.

Step 2: 50 + 44 = 94

Solution The answer is: Fred runs 94 rounds in all.

Step 3:

Try two practice problems:  


Bob purchased 550 items on his trip. He lost 30. How many

items does he have left?


Kate has 50 candies. 40 of the candies were chocolates the rest were mint. How many mints did she have?

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